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LMS Experts

We’re LMS experts. We’re currently offering: LMS Selection, LMS Project Management, Implementation Support, Health Checks, Admin Training and Support. We also offer professional services hour bundles if you need short-term help.

Best eLearning authoring tool, LMS, and mobile app in one that lets you convert traditional training materials to digital format and deliver effective online courses for your team.

Face the challenges of the new normal and work from home setup with a powerful but easy to use collaboration tool your team will actually use and love.

Launch immersive virtual or hybrid events and tours using 360fy. Connect global industry peers, share ideas and foster meaningful conversations all within a digital environment.

Opportunities in Crypto

Staking Packages


We are currently running the EEL pool on the Cardano blockchain, see If you’d like to run your own stakepool, we can offer the technical set-up and maintenance.

Mining Cryptocurrencies


This is great passive income play as we can build a mining rig for you which can earn anywhere between 200-600/month (after electric costs).

We’re mining multiple coins.

Build a Dapp

Convert your idea into user-facing Dapps, Wallets, and NTFs on top of a Blockchain. We are Cardano focused, but can develop on many other blockchains.

Need an LMS health check?

If you’re unhappy with your LMS, we have a system to evaluate the health of your LMS. We have a 3-week program and cost varies but ranges from $4500-$9500.
Your investment in your LMS is an asset, if you’re not protecting that asset and maximizing it’s efficiency, then you’ll want to start now.

Our LMS health check will:
1. Evaluate how your delivering and measuring training through the LMS,

2. Evaluate your security, basic configuration and compliance,

3. Evaluate how your administrators are operating in the LMS, including support, and

4. We deliver and actionable report to improve on all the above listed items.

If you are interested and want to add value to your organization through your LMS, contact us asap. We look forward to helping you


Content Authoring + LMS + Mobile App

Juander is the smarter and faster way to create mobile ready eLearning courses that you can deploy online or offline. Enroll and track your learners with its build in LMS feature.
What if you can make further impact by helping your team use a tool that can do these:

  1. Easily create mobile ready online courses (from weeks cut down to few hrs)
  2. LMS: Enroll and track learners
  3. Mobile app for course distribution and option to download training materials for offline

Here are more features you will love

  • Drag and drop content builder
  • Clean and modern design
  • 1 click publishing of content
  • Video with subtitle and closed caption
  • Add your logo and colors
  • Embed external content
  • Supports H5P elements
  • Add documents and zip files
  • Gamification and badge
  • Reports shows you user performance
  • Asset library helps you organize your contents
  • Create quiz that you can track
  • User groups for bulk enrollment
  • Allows you to customize your Juander mobile app
  • Deploy for online or allow downloading for offline use
  • Use web browser or the mobile app to view content
  • Notify users via mobile app, SMS, and email
  • Enroll users manually or allow them to self enroll
  • Organize content by category and sub categories
  • Add tags for easy searching of content
  • Limit access duration or set expiration date
  • Set content for private or public access
  • Offer free or sell learning courses
  • Schedule notifications to keep users in the loop
  • Promote learning using splash page, banner and popups
  • Add FB Chat, Pixel and Google Analytics code
  • Set your payment details for paid content


eLearning – LMS

  • Course development
  • Migration to LMS
  • Conversion to SCORM or eLearning
  • Translation ( all languages )
  • SCORM-LMS troubleshooting
  • Training for internal designers
  • LMS Health check - optimization
  • LMS Selection
  • LMS Implementation support
  • LMS Administration (contract)
  • LMS Training for Admins
  • LMS Integration tech support

Software & Mobile

  • Software Design & Development
  • App Design and Development
  • Technical Support
  • Prototype development packages
  • Coders on contract


  • Getting started - 101
  • Coinbase and exchange basics
  • Wallet basics - transfer basics
  • Security - wallets and storage
  • Accounting basics
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