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LMS Experts

We bring 20+ years of  LMS  experience to the market.

Our current projects: LMS Selection, LMS Project Management, Implementation Support, Health Checks, Admin Training and Support.  We also offer professional services hour bundles if you need short-or long-term administration support.

LMS Selection
We can take you end-to-end to ensure you get the best fit.

LMS Implementation
Super important to have a project manager or advocate for you during this process.

LMS Administration
We can support your existing model or build a new one and staff it.

LMS Integrations
We have the technical experience and team to manage any integration.

LMS Training
Existing training and experts ready to go for over 20 LMSs.

LMS Health Check
If you’re unhappy with your LMS, we have a system to evaluate the health of your LMS.

Need an LMS health check?

If you’re unhappy with your LMS, we have a system to evaluate the health of your LMS. We have a 3-week program and cost varies but ranges from $4500-$9500.
Your investment in your LMS is an asset, if you’re not protecting that asset and maximizing it’s efficiency, then you’ll want to start now.

Our LMS health check will:
1. Evaluate how your delivering and measuring training through the LMS,

2. Evaluate your security, basic configuration and compliance,

3. Evaluate how your administrators are operating in the LMS, including support, and

4. We deliver and actionable report to improve on all the above listed items.

If you are interested and want to add value to your organization through your LMS, contact us asap. We look forward to helping you



  • LMS Health check - optimization
  • LMS Selection
  • LMS Implementation support
  • LMS Administration (contract)
  • LMS Training for Admins
  • LMS Integration tech support


  • Course development
  • Content migration to LMS
  • Conversion to SCORM/Other
  • Translations
  • Re-branding

Software – Mobile

  • Software Design & Development
  • App Design and Development
  • Technical Support
  • Prototype development packages
  • Coders on contract

Platforms and Strategies for Business Growth

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AI-powered Content Management System (CMS)

Finally there’s a way to manage all your content. If you have content in different LMSs, regions, languages, vendors, etc. CONTENTWISE will organize and give you more control to reduce your content duplication efforts, reducing costs while improving your control of your assets.

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LMS Virtual Assistant

Introducing VirtuLearn, your game-changing Conversational AI-bot designed to transform your learning management system (LMS) experience. Say goodbye to support hassles as VirtuLearn steps in to streamline and enhance your user interaction.  Can be easily integrated with your educational platform. It’s more than an AI-bot; it’s the future of effortless and enriching online learning.

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Dynamic Paths, Tailored for You.

Tired of old static learning paths, try PathGenie which gives you personalized and dynamic learning paths. No matter where you’re starting from, we’ll give you a personalized learning path.

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